Sit Back, Relax & Get Your Beauty On!

There are a few reasons why getting your bridal makeup and hair done professionally on your wedding day is a BIG must! Even I, a professional makeup artist, asked my fellow makeup and hair friends to get my gals and I ready for the big day.

A Mobile Makeup and Hair team means NO STRESS!  If you are lucky enough to get a mobile makeup and hair company to come directly to your home, hotel, or venue you are already a step ahead of the game. No running around, no carpooling to get to the salon on time, no rushing to get back home or to the hotel to get ready, no trying to get some food in your stomach ( so you don’t faint as you walk the isle) before you rush to get in to your wedding gown, get in the limo and go! I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

It is totally worth the money to simply wake up, shower, have breakfast, sit in a chair, and get your beauty on.




2 Replies to "Sit Back, Relax & Get Your Beauty On!"

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    June 17, 2016 (4:44 pm)


    I’m looking to book mobile hair and makeup services for myself, my bridal party (3 bridesmaids), my mom and my aunt.

    My wedding is Sunday, August 7th and would require the services to be done at the Delta hotel downtown.

    Let me know if you are able to accommodate this (I really hope you can because I don’t think I’d trust anyone else to do it haha).


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      Tania El Zahr
      July 4, 2016 (11:38 pm)

      Hi Sarah
      Please, forgive me as I rarely check my blog for messages! Please go to the website and send the request and I will see If I can get you a team 🙂