Award Winning Makeup Artistry

IMH Studios Founder

Illuminate Makeup & Hair Studios is an independent professional makeup artistry studio owned and operated by me, Tania El Zahr. 


I have worked in the makeup industry for 21 years and my approach to makeup is all about naturally enhancing a persons look to keep them looking vibrant at any age.  I love working behind the scenes to make women and men feel their best. I have become a person that can adapt to any environment, I like to help set a positive friendly vibe with all of my clients.

I started my makeup artistry journey in the commercial and television/film industry and had the most amazing experience working and collaborating along side amazing, award winning artists. Now I utilize all those lessons and skills in my Bridal, Commercial and Makeup Education Workshops.

The most important thing I have learned in this industry is that makeup is not about ME it is about YOU the client and what you want to enhance and how you want it to be done.