Raminta Kairiene


Professional licensed Hair Stylist
Professional Make-up Artist

Raminta is IMH Studios newest member bringing a European flare to the team. With her ability in full hair and makeup services she is quite the talent to the IMH Studio team.




Raminta has had her work appear in
  • 2016 – Bridal Makeup Workshop with IMH Studio and Tania El Zahr, Edmonton Canada2016 – Western Canada Fashion Show Autumn Season, Edmonton Canada2016 – Wella Blondor Workshop, Edmonton Canada2015 – Bridal Makeup Workshop by Beauty Makeup Studio, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Taninoplastia “Premium Gold” Treatment 8h course by Coaching Academy, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Nioxin workshop by P&G Salon Proffesional Sirowa Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Beauty Makeup up with small eyelids with Karolina Taraskevic by Makeup Atelier Paris, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Makeup Training Course Level 1 by Beauty Makeup Studio, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Instamatic Hair Color and Magma by Blondor Haircolor techniques and opportunities by Wella Professionals Sirowa Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2015 – Bridal Hair by Master Ruslan Tatianin, Lithuania
  • 2014 – Greenlight Coloring Workshop wih Emanuela Lannini & Fabrizio Siddi , Lithuania
  • 2014 – Affinage & Kitoko Workshop by Affinage Salon Professional, Lithuania
  • 2014 – Hairstyling at Sukuosenu Studio, Lithuania
  • Various Photo Shoot Projects